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the bee I'm 19. Currently living in Spain. Studying English Language and Literature. Proud of being a bookworm and a fangirl. I love my parents&sister and my special friends. I love writing and publishing a book is one of my dreams (I secretly dream of being an actress too but oh well...let's not get ahead of ourselves). I'm crazy about rum ice cream, Disney and all Disney related, the movies, alternative music, the english regency era and the usa 50's, color pencils, History and Photography. I have a crush on Gaspard Ulliel, Keira Knightley, James MacAvoy, Olivia Wilde, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anna Popplewell and Skandar Keynes.
music I lovelovelove Tori Amos,Placebo,Patrick Wolf and The Age of Rockets (there's more though)
movies There are a lot of movies I like but I guess the ones I never get tired of watching are Pride and Prejudice, American History X, Pocahontas, Lolita, The Jacket, PoTC, HP, the Chronicles of Narnia, El laberinto del Fauno, Moulin Rouge, Serendipity, Big Fish, an American Haunting, She's All That.
fandom I'm in a lot of fandoms but the ones that get special attention are Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Skins, bbcRobin Hood, Lost, BtVS, Brothers&Sisters, BSG and the Chronicles of Narnia. I squee everytime I see Ned/Olive, Peter/Claire, Tony/Effy, Robin/Will, Peter/Edmund, Luke/Leia. In the real world I have a thing for Skandar/Will and Julianne Moore/Eddie Redmayne. My ships are like a rainbow - I ship het, slash and incestuous pairings. I heartz fandom.

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